Details of the Obama Email Account

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Contacting a president can sound impossible, but this is not the case. This should no longer be a bother because there is a way of reaching out to Obama. One can comfortably submit his/her questions and comments on the website of the White House. Obama emails are controlled by a team that has been assigned the responsibility of going through the emails before forwarding them to him.
Obama email
However, there are many ways that one can utilize in contacting the president and one of them is the Obama email. This article will first put focus on Obama email and later on, it will highlight the various ways to contact the president.

Details on the Obama email

One can easily sign up for the free Obama email account. This requires an internet connection and a visit to the website Obama.Email. There are different reasons as to why one may want to sign up for this account. For new users, there are different options that are made available. First, there is the option of free email, secondly is the mail and total protection that covers the premium email. Lastly, is the mail and premium protection. The free email package has a lot to offer, such as 25MB file attachments, spam and virus filtering, 1GB storage and much more. This option is up for free to the users as opposed to the other two options.
The second option which entails the premium email features the following; 2 GB storage, can be accessed from anywhere, virus and spam protection and much more. However, one has to pay for this option on an annual basis amounting to $36.95. On the other hand is the mail that is accompanied with premium protection, it has a storage capacity of 5 GB. Moreover, the package has 25MB file attachments, email-based technical support and much more.

More on the signing up process

One has to make a choice of the three options in order to continue with the signing up process. When signing up for the account, one will be required to enter certain information to facilitate data collection and storage. The information needed includes the username, password that will be used to access the account later on. For certain, one will be required to re-enter the password and, at the same time, come up with a password question and password question.
This will be followed by entering the first and last names. Personal address will be demanded as well as the city, state, province, postal code and country. Personal information, such as gender, primary language, date of birth and much more will be required.

Final touches on signing up for the account

Lastly, one will be required to go through the privacy policy to learn how the privacy will be upheld. If one submits the above form, then this shows that the person agrees with the privacy policy. This will facilitate the creation of the Obama email account and through it, the users will get the daily updates on the news pertaining the president.

White House Email Address

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White House is always a busy place whereby the president resides and state affairs is taken seriously. This calls to the communication between the government and the public in general. Reaching out to the White House can be a little challenging, but it is possible through the correct contact address. Having the White House email address is helpful because this will make communication a little easier.
white house email addressSending an email can be done for different purposes; making compliments, airing grievances, praising the president and much more.

Details on the White House email address

White House basically has two email addresses and these are the main ones. They include and However, the emails sent to either the president or his vice-president are not read by them in person. There is a crew responsible for reading the emails on behalf of the president and vice-president. If the emails mean no harm, they will be forwarded to the addressed person; the president and his deputy. Many emails are sent to the White House, but not all of them are forward to the president, but instead they are censored and a small section picked.
Some emails can be those having messages criticizing the president. However much there is the freedom of speech. One does not have to be rude and show disrespect when criticizing the president. If such emails are spotted, they are not forwarded to the president, but instead, they are disregarded. Sending an email to the White House can be a little disappointing because there are high chances that the sender will not receive any response. However, this should not be a discouragement, provided that one has relayed the intended message to the authorities.

Additional details on contacting the White House

There are many ways through which one can contact the White House. White House has come up with its website and through it, one can easily contact the president. A phone can be used as a means of communication and the same can be done through sending a mail the White House.
The official online website for White House allows the users to send emails to the president. However, this is possible once one answers a set of questions on the website. This step is essential as it enables the team in charge to evaluate the information before they allow one to send the email to the president. The information demanded includes the personal name and email address.

Conclusion on the steps to be followed

There is room for one to send an email on behalf of a union, organization, association and group. This will require one to indicate the name of the organization and the relationship that one has with the organization. If one wants to have a response from the White House, then one will be forced to indicate his/her email address, city, state and the postal code as well as the country.
On the website, one will be required to include the purpose of sending the email to the president as well as the subject of the email.

Steps on How to Email the President

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Communication with the public is a good element as a leader and the same applies to the President Barack Obama. Sending an email is a good way of relaying a message because it is fast and convenient. However, the president does not read the email in person, but instead he has a crew responsible for dealing with all the emails, receiving calls on behalf of the president and much more.

Instructions on how to email the president

One has to follow the following set of instructions when one wants to email the president. First, one is required to open the email program in order to write the message. As usual, the salutations should be the opening statement when composing the message. The salutations needs to be formal, such as “Dear Mr. President”. The first paragraph gives one the opportunity to introduce himself/herself.
email the presidentThis includes indicating one’s age as well as the age of the person that could have been the reason behind emailing the president. In addition, as part of introducing oneself, one is required to state his/her occupation and the place of work. If the reason for sending the email is to air your grievances, then this should not be left out.
Once the first paragraph is complete, one has to make a suggestion on what he/she thinks should be done. This may involve stating an action that would be appreciated if the president was to embrace it. This email is a formal, thus errors should be minimized as possible. This demands re-reading the message to identify any minor errors. The more mistake-free an email is, the higher the chances that it will be taken more seriously. At the bottom of the message, one is to type his/her name. Moreover, the state and city that one comes from should be indicated as well.

Additional details on the steps to be undertaken

Once one is comfortable with the message, then it has to be sent to the president’s email; Emailing the president does not necessarily mean praising him. If one feels that the president is not up to the task as a leader, one has the freedom to criticize, but it has to be done with a lot of respect. In case a person sends an email that may appear rude, the email will not be forwarded to the president.
It is not appropriate to be too wordy, but instead one is advised to be brief and concise. This means that one has to be straight to the point.

Conclusion on sending an email to the president

On the other hand, the president can be contacted online through the email address The email has to have a subject and this can be regard to the topic of the message. One can also send an email to the White House in general, but this has a different email address from the president’s. In this case, the email will be sent to In conclusion, every citizen has the right to email the president, provided that etiquette and respect are observed.

Instructions on How to Contact Obama

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Today, Obama is the president of the United States and it poses many questions on how to contact Obama. Many think that this is a little difficult due to the fact that he is a busy person, thus contacting him can be a little challenging. When contacting the president of any state, there are certain etiquettes that need to be observed as this is an important person when it comes to leadership. However, one can contact the president for unusual business, such as passing greetings and availing compliments.
how to contact obama
This article will highlight the various methods that focus on how to contact Obama. This will make it clear the procedures to be followed and what ought to be avoided at all cost.

Approaches on how to contact Obama

When it comes to how to contact Obama, there are certain procedures to be followed. First, one has to write a letter that will be addressed to the president. The letter can either be hand-written or typed. If one opts to write the letter, then the handwriting has to legible enough, while if it types, this has to be done a sheet of paper measuring 8-1/2 by 11 inches. When writing the letter with a hand, ink should be used and not any other form. The format for this letter is similar to any other formal letter.
This requires the name and address of the writer to at the top right of the sheet of paper. The next details to be included at the top right include the writer’s email address. The date when the letter was written will come after the email address has been indicated. On the left side, the following should follow suit; The President, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW and Washington, DC20500. The salutation should come in next, followed by clearly stating the agenda of writing the letter. The letter should be finished with the signature of the writer as well as his/her name.

Additional details on how to contact the president

The second option on how to contact Obama is through the use of the White House website. Once one gets access to the website, one will be expected to fill in the form with the requested information. This includes, the first and last names, email address, Zip code, the subject, message to be relayed and much more. One has to stick to the instructions when filling out the form.
On the other hand, the president can be contacted over the phone using the following landlines. If one wants to make comments, then dialing 202-456-1111 is the correct approach. The FAX is 202-456-2461 and the switchboard 202-456-1414.

Conclusion on contacting the president

It is good that the social media has made it possible to contact the president; Twitter. If one opts to use Twitter, one will be required to go to in order to sign up for a free account if one is a first time user. The message should be composed in 140 characters or less. The Twitter handles should be included in the message @WhiteHouse & @BarackObama.